We would like to talk to children and young people (aged 8 to 18 years) about their experience of living through the coronavirus outbreak.

We would like to understand how you’ve experienced the pandemic, how it’s changed things for you, and what has helped you to cope with the outbreak.

This is the transcript of an interview we have done with a young person, so that you know what it is all about: click here.

Our findings will be used to help improve services and support for children and young people.

If you would like to take part, please email us at face19@stir.ac.uk. and one of our researchers will be in touch to set up an interview.

If you are under 14, we will need permission from your parent or carer to interview you.

You can have a trusted adult with you for the interview, if you wish.

More information about the study can be found here.

Update: We have now stopped doing interviews with children and young people. We are grateful to everyone who has taken part to them.

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